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Monday, June 20, 2011

Arriving In Hatteras

Hey everyone. So I made the trip from Boone, NC to Hatteras, NC!!! Its sooo good to be back on the coast. I already surfed a bunch and have met some great people.
My friend Jerry is the one who invited me out to Hatteras to check it out and maybe help with this skate park ministry he's been running for about 2 years. The skate park was built by the church congregation he is a part of that meets in the same building the park is in, and also houses 4 guys who have also volunteered for the summer. Jerry has been running the park solo for a couple of years and has been praying for guys to come and hang out with the local kids who hang out at the park everyday. And this summer his prayers were answered! There are 5 of us here helping him out for the summer now and I will be joining the guys by living at the park as well. He is also praying for girl volunteers to hang out with the girls that come to the park. Jerry is a great guy but he is a little lost when it comes to being able to relate to Jr. High and High School girls haha. So if this sparks an interest in any of you girls let me know! Knowing anything about skating is not a prerequisite.

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