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Friday, June 24, 2011

Sleep Over Lock In Birthday Bash!!!!

Last Sunday night we had the the pleasure of hosting a birthday sleep over at the skate park for a boy named Taylor. I think there was around six of them and they ranged from 4th to 6th grade. We started off the night with an epic ice breaker... a swim noodle fight to the death. I almost lost an eye within 5 minutes from a lethal hit from a boy named Jafar. After the little ones had enough of the noodles we pigged out on pizza, doughnuts and just about all the junk food you can imagine! (Note the before and after pictures of the food table and how all the bananas weren't even touched) Once we all had our fill we went back into the skate park to continue the mayhem! The rope swing came out and the kids were lovin it... until John, one of the guys livin at the park with me, plowed down the birthday boy while on the rope swing knocking him down the little quarter pipe. (see pic with the boy with a yellow shirt and blue boardies on the ground and Jerry in the the red jersey trying to help him up) It was a brief scare but he took it like a champ, got up and continued to cause mayhem. For the next few hours we played tag, hide and go seek in the dark and a version of tag called Deer Hunter! We played it out in the the marsh behind the park that is covered in 10 foot reeds. The object is, the deer (the kids) hide in the reeds and we try and find them. But each deer, after we find them, turns into our hunting dogs and they help us find the rest of the deer. The only thing is, they can only bark.
One of the activities that was the most fun was the night adventure! We told each kid to grab a swim noodle and we proceeded to sneak out of the skate park like ninjas in the dark, cross the street to another marshland, and then cross the marshland until we reached the inlet. Once we made it to the inlet we came across some strategically placed kayaks, and some paddle boards. We asked the kids if we should take them and of course they said yes. So we all pushed off into the inlet and paddled for awhile until we saw a bonfire onshore that was set by some of the other guys who live at the park as well. We headed for it, landed the kayaks and paddle boards, and hung out by the bonfire telling stories and making smores. We even had the cops and the fire department called on us for our bonfire, which the kids thought was pretty cool. We finished the night adventure off with swimming in a pool on the property where we had the bonfire then headed back to the park where the kids continued to cause mayhem until 2:30am.
All in all it was a great night and the kids were stoked and nobody was seriously hurt. Thank God

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