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Monday, July 25, 2011

Prayers and Praise!!! Part 1

Well it’s been a little over a month now since I have been in Hatteras and I still love it. There were only a couple things that needed to happen for my stay here to work. One was finding a place to live.... and the other was to find work. And as you know, if you have read my other posts, I found a sweet place to stay that has been a huge blessing not to mention ridiculously fun! Then when it came time to find a job the Lord blessed me again! The second place I walked into hired me on the spot and I started that day!!!!! It’s a retail and souvenir shop at one of the boat marinas so it’s nothing fancy but all I really need right now. The Managers really like me and I happened to get a perfect schedule as well. I work 40 hrs a week Monday - Friday during the day and have nights and weekends off. I don't have to miss the set skate nights for the kids... any of the wed night covered dish dinners at church.... or any Sunday church services!!!! Praise Him!!!! There is also a bunch of Ukrainian exchange students that work there too and its awesome getting to talk to them and hear there stories and share mine about why the heck we are on this island!

One not so cool thing that has happened is my surfboard got stolen 2 weekends ago… : ( Along with 2 boards out of my friends car. I had surfed some really fun waves that Saturday evening then Sunday before church Charlie, one of the guys I live with, went to go pick up some grape juice for communion and realized the boards in his car were gone. He ran upstairs and asked me if I had my board in my truck last night, it was, so I ran downstairs and saw that it was missing from inside my camper shell. Its definitely a bummer, especially since I had done a lot of the work in making it, but at the end of the day its just a surfboard and I’m glad he/she didn’t take anything of greater value to me.

I also have a prayer request that may put some people on the spot but I definitely feel I need to share this with everyone to get some serious prayer power going!

My family has been pretty plagued with divorce throughout the years and after recent talks with my Dad I have come to find out that his marriage with my step Mom of 10+ years is very close to being over as well. They have had a very tough couple of years especially last year with my dad getting badly injured on a job site and then right on the heels of that he found out that he has cancer. Those are some really tough things to go through and it has definitely taken its toll on their marriage. I pray for healing of their hearts, and that they would earnestly fight for each other and rebuke the spirit that is telling them its over, that it can’t be fixed. That is a lie. By our own efforts, sure its impossible, and I know words are a lot easier said than put into but in Matthew 19:26 Jesus says, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."

I truly believe that and I know my Dad and step mom do to! But they are broken and hurt and out of hope. I ask that all who read this will pray for them with me. Also if you know of other situations like this I hope this inspires you to pray for them as well!!!

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