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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sunday Funday!!

Unfortunately there aren't any pictures to go with this one so I hope your Imaginations can make up for it. It’s always hard to tell when I should bring my camera on adventures because they mostly involve water... (Anyone wanna donate a water housing for my camera... anyone........ Bueller...?) Anyway, so Sunday started off great with church, and since my first Sunday here I have been playing hand drums with the worship team, which has been really fun! Then after church a bunch of us were trying to decide what to do... The waves weren't happening on the ocean side so we decided to have some fun in the sound. We took 2 jet skis and a little boat filled with surfboards and went hunting for ferryboat wake! Ferryboat wake you ask...? Well there is an island to south of us which the only way to get on it with your car is by ferry and about every 20-30 min a ferryboat makes its way through the sound to and from the other island. One of the local guys noticed that at the right tide the ferryboat wake hits a shallow shoal and creates a breaking wave. So we posted up where we thought the best place was to catch a wave a waited till the next ferry came along. The wave it creates is definitely small so the first 2 guys grabbed the long boards and when the ferry made its way to us we all started shouting for our 2 friends as they paddled to try and catch the wave. Even the people on the ferry started cheering!! They both were able to stand up but one of them wasn't in the right spot and ended up falling off, but the other one ended up getting close to a 75-yard wave though! He was pulling out all the tricks! The dying cockroach, reverse dying cockroach, and the coffin! It was pretty amazing! The next ferry made its way to us but it must have not taken the same path because the wake didn't really turn into a breaking wave like the other one had. After the second ferry came by, an executive decision was made to go back to shore because we were drawing a lot of attention to what we were doing. And I'm pretty sure what we were doing was illegal. So we went back to the docks and loaded everything onto a bigger boat that Jerry uses to fly his parasails with, and the rest of the afternoon we Wurfed and tubed behind the parasail boat. Oh and what I call Wurfing the guys out here call Scurfing... basically similar to wakeboarding but you are on a surfboard instead and the rope is a whole lot shorter. That kept us busy for a while then we decided to go back to the skate park and grill up some burgers for dinner! And man was that satisfying after a long day on the boat and in the sun. To end the night we decided to all share our testimonies and basically share our story of how we ended up living at the skate park for the summer. You know... Just to get to know each other a little better I guess.

It’s sort of funny but also sad how easily we can live around people such as co-workers, roommates, extended family, etc... And share daily activities with them but know very little about who they are, what they believe, what they want to do in life, and the experiences they have had. Even with the guys living at the park it was easy to get along with them just because of skating, surfing, and ping pong... haha! It could have easily stayed on that surface level because its light, and fun, but when working as a team and trying to achieve a certain goal I think it is important to get to know each other and strengthen the friendships as much as possible.

I am challenging myself and everyone out there to be a little more intentional with the people you are around everyday. You never know who might inspire you or whom you might even inspire. It doesn't have to be some grand inspirational story that you share, but it could just be as simple as someone going through the same situation as you, or has come out of the same situation you are in and has encouragement or suggestions to steer you in the right direction. Or maybe not even having anything in common but just the fact of someone showing interest in their life on more than a surface level might make a difference. I believe everyone wants to be noticed on some sort of level. Somehow we as a people have accepted a way of life that often that closes other people off from knowing how we really are. Or thinking people don’t really care anyway. Which is often true sadly. I’m guilty of it for sure. But what is cool is that we are all living life together whether we like it or not… haha, and it would be a shame for us to not share the journey with each other and work and live in community. I think it brings about a peace that this world definitely needs. I have definitely noticed a difference in myself lately now that I have started talking to more people whenever I get the chance. It is a challenge for sure because I’m not the most talkative person in the world and can kind be closed off in my own world, but I just try to not miss an opportunity when it comes up!

Wow I don’t know how I got from Sunday Funday to here but I like it and I guess I needed to say it… I hope it made some sort of sense!

Love you all!

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