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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Parasailing and Goodbyes

Is the summer winding down already....? I'm not sure it is for everyone but I'm definitely feeling the effects of it lately. In the beginning of the month we said bye to Eli one our fellow park staffers. He had some family things to attend before heading back to school. Then this past Monday we said bye to the 3 remaining guys living at the park besides myself. It was time for them to head back home and prepare for their return to college. Last weekend was that sort of smack of reality as we did a final deep cleaning of the skate park building and the guys started packing up all their things. I know it was especially a smack of reality for them. Summer at the skate park is over... there was a hint of sadness among them but I think it was greatly overpowered by the joy from what they had experienced this summer. Sunday at church we did a big prayer send off for them and after that Jerry took us out on the boat to do some Parasailing which was so much fun! It was great getting an aerial view of Hatteras Island.
Then on Monday we had our last "Monday morning discipleship" led by a couple of the elders and said our goodbyes. So now its just me and Jerry left as the park crew and I'm the only one left living at the park, so I'm holdin down the fort!!! Keep me in your prayers.

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