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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Frothy Monkey

  So the last post was about what happened with Hurricane Irene and now I’m going to give a little more of an update on what the heck I’m doing! 
  As you may remember in one of my previous posts I talked about a trip to New Zealand. Well those plans have been slightly altered. Through a series of events I decided to call off my trip for this year. The original plan for our time out there altered right as we were about buy tickets. Then the Hurricane hit the island and cash flow from work ceased. Then I broke my elbow, which wasn’t a huge trip stopper but it just left me with an overwhelming feeling that it wasn’t the right timing for a trip to New Zealand.
  Now to fast forward a little bit… You may be wondering why the title of this post is ‘’Frothy Monkey”…? Well that’s just the name of the coffee shop I am sitting at in Nashville. Why am I in Nashville…? Well I am currently on my way to California and am seeing friends and family along the way. My next stop is Houston. I’ve decided to go back home for a good portion of the fall and winter and then head back to North Carolina in February. “Why back to North Carolina”?  Well as the summer wound down and the rest of the guys staying at the skate park went home and back to school it was mostly just Jerry and I. And soon it would be back to mostly just Jerry after I left.  While we started brain storming on ideas and checklists for things that needed to be finished in the building and how to make it more than just a building with a skate park in it, I started getting the overwhelming feeling that I needed to join up with Jerry full time and help him see this vision through. It is absolutely needed on the island and it has so much potential. So in February after I spend time with friends and family back home in California, I’m going to make the trip back to Hatteras Island and join up with Jerry full time to see where God takes this ministry!!  

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  1. Can't wait to have you back. May the Lord continue to Bless your travels.